ABCV Pay Implementations 


City & Local Government: iCash 

The Iowa League of Cities is an association of more than 870 cities in Iowa.  A number of League cities have joined in to establish an Iowa Cities E-Payment Aggregation System (iCash). Using ABCV Pay allows participating cities to take credit card payments in the office as well as online. ABC Virtual provides a complete solution to manage all types of payments for the cities and associated departments.

Schools: DMACC Continuing Education 

DMACC is the largest community college in Iowa.  According to Community College Week, DMACC is also one of the fastest growing, and voted by CityView readers as the “Best Place to Continue Your Education.” Using ABCV Pay, we partner with DMACC Continuing Education to extend our payment and e-commerce solution to manage all courses setup, registration, and payments, including complete integration to Banner students information system, a product of Ellucian (formerly Datatel and SunGard).

Charities/Non-Profits: Givemart

Givemart is the only market place where you can shop millions of products at competitive prices, and have 100% of the profits given to the deserving fundraiser, school or charity of your choice.  We partner with Givemart to extend our payment and e-commerce solution to manage all products setup, descriptions, and payments, including complete integration to third-party vendors information system.


ABCV Custom Solutions


260E/F Online Reimbursement System: DBR & Iowa Community Colleges


We partner with DMACC Business Resources to develop, host, and support an online reimbursement system to manage and process two highly successful training programs for Iowa employers: Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) and Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F).  These are two state programs that help fund employee training, foster growth and competitiveness of Iowa businesses.


JATC/Training Centers: Missouri Valley Line Construction Company 

We partner with Missouri Valley Line Construction Company to develop, host, and support an online training data collection, tracking, and reporting system to track and manage 1000’s of apprentices, linemen, traffic and substation applicants from multi states as they progress  and graduate through the program.   This is a comprehensive systems that tracks and keep a history of all activities, manage all training classes, manage all grades and rankings, and centralize all communications in a secured and seamless manner.


Gaming, Rewards, and Digital Gift Cards: KooToro 

We partner with KooToro to develop and web and mobile application to create an environment where one can play, compete and earn points, using point and/or digital gift cards.